Community Dance project 2020

After the success of our project for Freedom Festival Hull in 2018, we are excited to deliver our second community project in early March 2020 (dates & location TBC), for people aged 16+. It will take place in Hull over Saturday & Sunday 10am-6pm, and participants will be taken through a range of creative tasks and activities to generate material, carefully directed by us to create a 15-20 minute performance piece. They will also learn set choreography and will be challenged both physically and creatively, however we will work at a pace and intensity that is suitable for all, regardless of ability. 


The theme of the work is you; your stories, your traits, your likes and dislikes. We have a diverse, rich and interesting range of individuals engaging with our dance activities and we will harness and celebrate this throughout this project. The end result will be... well we don't know yet, it depends on who's involved and where the creative process takes us, but we're sure it will be great!  


There will be a performance at the end of the project at an event we're putting on to showcase some of our other work as well as some of our friends from outside of Hull, this will be in March but dates and location are yet to be confirmed. (If making a contribution now but unable to attend once the dates are announced we will offer a full refund) 


Cost of the 2-day workshop is £30-£50, depending on what you are able to contribute. The more we raise the more likely we are to secure match funding and ensure that the project can take place.


See our Crowdfunding page to make a contribution:

You can also sign up later, and there will be a small number of free places for those who are unable to make a financial contribution


Contact us at with any questions 



T&J :) 

Unseen Beings

Unseen Beings duet is a series of three movement vignettes exploring individual identity – the factors that make a person who they are; how these are expressed and performed, and how they are perceived. Inspired initially by the work of 2017 Turner Prize winner Lubaina Himid, which looks at the invisibility of individuals within society, the piece is performed by statuesque figures draped in concealing, sheet-like costumes that cover the head and body, leaving only the feet and arms visible. Each vignette works as a stand-alone piece; exploring the themes through movement and contact work that is somewhat other-wordly; at times mechanically intricate, at times gentle and sincere. It’s an on-going project that is under development, constantly discovering more around the idea of being unseen.

Unseen Beings Group Piece 

The group piece is a larger-scale version of the duet, originally created with 15 members of Hull’s communities for Freedom Festival 2018. The idea was to create a visually striking piece with vibrant coloured costumes, more accessible for a family audience than the duet but with the underpinning theme of being ‘unseen’. Ideas of togetherness, community, individuality and a sense of freedom inform the piece, with creative tasks allowing participants’ interpretations of being unseen to feed into the work. The diverse Freedom Festival cast ranged from those with no previous dance experience to budding professionals, and an age range from 17-60, as well as people  who would not otherwise be able to perform in public and were enabled to by the costume. It has since been delivered with another group of participants and performed at SLAP Festival York. The group project can be delivered with a wide range of groups and is open for commissions. 


Prior to forming as a company, Tamar and Jo collaborated on numerous projects with other Hull based artists. Two of these collaborators are photographer and visual artist Anna Bean, and electronic musician Phill Wilson aka MyOneManBand, who they continue to work with on a regular basis. They created short performative works for various events in Hull; experimenting with relationships between dance and costume, video projection, live music and spoken word.

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