From glitzy backing dancers to neoclassical goddesses, STUNNERS shines a tongue-in-cheek light on the representation of women in art and popular culture throughout the eras. Using sultry postures and feisty dance moves taken from visual source material, including pop music performance footage, music video, ‘Speed Modelling’, classical sculpture and porn, it comprises three 5-minute vignettes that each has its own style, character and extraordinary attire. Suitable for Cabaret settings, touring from Spring 2020.

Costume designed & created by Sophie Donaldson

Mentored by Lea Anderson

Unseen Beings 

Unseen Beings was originally created with 15 members of Hull’s communities for Freedom Festival 2018. Ideas of togetherness, community, individuality and a sense of freedom inform the piece, with creative tasks allowing participants’ interpretations of being unseen to feed into the work. The diverse Freedom Festival cast ranged from those with no previous dance experience to budding professionals, and an age range from 17-60, as well as people who would not otherwise be able to perform in public and were enabled to by the costume. It has since been delivered with another group of participants and performed at SLAP Festival York (2019).


Prior to forming as a company, Tamar and Jo collaborated on numerous projects with other Hull based artists. Two of these collaborators are photographer and visual artist Anna Bean, and electronic musician Phill Wilson aka MyOneManBand, who they continue to work with on a regular basis. They created short performative works for various events in Hull; experimenting with relationships between dance and costume, video projection, live music and spoken word.

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