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Unseen Beings

Unseen Beings was originally created with 15 members of Hull’s communities for Freedom Festival 2018. Ideas of togetherness, community, individuality and a sense of freedom inform the piece, with creative tasks allowing participants’ interpretations of being unseen to feed into the work. The diverse Freedom Festival cast ranged from those with no previous dance experience to budding professionals, and an age range from 17-60, as well as people who would not otherwise be able to perform in public and were enabled to by the costume. It has since been delivered with another group of participants and performed at SLAP Festival York (2019).

Choreographed to music by Brian Eno, The Chemical Brothers and original music created by MyOneManBand.

"Faces and bodies obscured by brightly coloured sheets, they’re a strange, disruptive and oddly joyous presence... This is Unseen Beings, an outdoor dance performance and the most visible contribution to this year’s Slap festival."

Catherine Love, The Guardian - 2019

“It's like water colour drops dancing!”

Audience member, Freedom Festival 2018

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